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    STAT & Standard Radiology Report, 24/7 *365

    Affordable TeleRadiology and Consultation for Vets, Free Sample Using Trials

    Specialists Commission for Complicated Diseasess

    Consisting of Different Types of Specialists or Several Specialists in a Specific Field

    Veterinary Ultrasonography Training Beginner to Addvanced Programs

    Knobology, Abdominal Ultrasonography, T-Fast & A-Fast, Aspiration & Biopsy, Guided Regional Anesthesia

    About Us


    *Minimizing Animal suffering and Accelerating the Improvement of Animal Health
    *Economic Teleradiology Reports
    *Affordable Specialist Teleconsultation
    *Assisting Vets in Selecting the Most Appropriate Diagnostic and Treatment Methods
    *Quickly linking Veterinary Clinics with Specialists
    *Connecting Pet/Animal Owners with Vet Clinics and Specialists
    *Decreasing Vets/Owner Expenses

    Founder and CEO: Professor Alireza Ghadiri


    we provide fast and affordable connections and communication solutions between animal owners, veterinarians, and veterinary

    specialists' premium telecommunication by providing smart teleconsultation and telemedicine.


    ØNo Commitment, No Tie-in

    ØFree of Charge Offers

    ØFree Sample Using Trials



    35-200 CAD

    Radiology Report

    Standard & STAT

    Offers and Free Trials


    35-200 CAD

    Consultation Internal

    Medicine and Surgery

    Standard & STAT


    1000-6000 CAD

    Ultrasonography Training

    Different Programs

    Set-Up and Training in Your Clinic

    50 Veterinarians
    1100 Radiology Reports


    Qualified Specialits
    30 Vet Clinics
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    “We offer transparent pricing for our services, which include economical teleradiology and specialist consultations, starting from $35. Additionally, we have special offers, such as free ultrasound training. Feel free to contact us for further details.” 🌟

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    SMART TRCVet provides comprehensive teleradiology services across various imaging modalities, encompassing Radiography, Ultrasonography, CT, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine. Our services include the provision of both formal and informal Radiology Reports, available during regular hours as well as out-of-hours. We offer options for urgent, priority, and standard reporting timelines to suit diverse clinical needs.

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    At Smart TRCVet, we understand the importance of collaboration between specialist veterinarians and general practitioners (GPs). Our goal is to enhance patient care by providing seamless access to board-certified veterinary specialists. Get vet specialist support when you need it.

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    TRCVet provides a variety of training programs tailored to meet the needs of veterinary professionals. These programs encompass beginner's guides as well as advanced training in areas such as small animal , equine and ruminant, abdominal interpretation, echocardiography, and emergency. Additionally, we offer on-site training options for clinics.

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    Veterinary Specialists for Accurate Diagnosis

  • Decade of Experience: With ten years of experience in teleradiology.
  • Expert Radiologists: Our team includes well-known ACVR/ECVDI veterinary radiologists.
  • Precise Diagnoses: Our experienced veterinary specialists ensure accurate diagnoses.
  • Expert Recommendations: We provide expert treatment recommendations.
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    Timely Access to Specialist Consultations

    Reduce wait times and expedite decision-making with our efficient platform, connecting you to relevant specialists.

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    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Economic Teleradiology Reports, Enjoy Affordable Specialist Teleconsultation